First, you need to publish the config file by this command

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="HusseinFeras\Laraimage\LaraimageServiceProvider"

You will find a new file in the config directory called laraimage.php


return [

     * Specify the disk that you want to store your images
     * the disks must be defined in laravel filesystem config
     * the default disks in laravel "local", "public", "s3"
    'disk' => 'public',

     * Specify the default image
     * the value cloud be "null", a path of any image or a url for any external image
     * this default image returns when the image is not found or there is an error while getting the image
    'default_image' => null,

    * Specify the default path where your images stored
    * the value must be string represent the folder where you want your images to stored inside the given disk
    'default_path' => 'images'

You can change the default image URL and the default path also you can change the disk without warning about the old files because the disk is saved with each image

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